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English Adventures

Discovery, Learning, Friendship

Our Story

Anna and Dan are two DELTA qualified English instructors from London, with over 40 years experience and a passion not just for their work but also for travel and the great outdoors.


Now they would love to share their passion and knowledge with you, offering adventures ranging from a leisurely stroll in a London park to a weekend away camping in the British countryside.


"We believe you can learn more when you are being physically active, but don’t take our word for it, check out what the scientists say below!"


"And if that wasn’t good reason enough to get up on your feet, take a look at this article on some other great benefits Mother Nature can bring:"

Anna and Dan will be on hand to initiate conversation and help you build your language naturally, using emergent language 'on the hoof', pre-adventure tasks and post-adventure assignments.


What Makes Us Special


Local Expert Guides

'Born and bred' Londoners with a passion for adventure

Handpicked Adventures

From a brief bike ride to a full-on festival

Hidden Gem Destinations

Discover the places the locals don't want you to know

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All Videos

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Glastonbury Tor

The Seven Sisters

Beach or Steam Train? Let's do both!


Fuka Kishigami (Student, Japan)

The 7 Sisters Adventure was an amazing day out and my speaking confidence has really improved. I will talk to anyone now! I'm so happy! Thank you Anna and Dan!

Wilson Mingote (Teacher, Brazil)

A massive help while I was studying in the UK. I learnt not only the language, but got to understand the English way of life, which helped my stay in the country much easier. Thanks God I had the chance for this as it truly became one of my best references when it comes to my international experience!

Sule Erzincanli (Sales Executive, Turkey)

Always talked to me how can I do,it was very funny way to learn to write every week. I will never forget my time. And now I am putting on exhibitions abroad - it's fantastic!


"In traveling, a companion, in life, compassion."

Haruki Murakami

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