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What We Do


New Surroundings

Living in a new country can be tricky sometimes; those strange eating hours, odd senses of humour, unspoken rules and peculiar customs. Then there's the language. Ah, the English language; easy to learn, difficult to master. That's where Anna and Dan come in. They want to help you bring out your natural language abilities in a safe, encouraging environment, giving you the space to practice, reflect and produce at your own pace with like-minded adventurers.


Take your learning to the next level by getting out of the classroom and into the real world. Discover some of the best places the UK has to offer, all the while using English and learning new words and phrases as you go. Get on-the-spot and post-adventure feedback and error correction, cementing some unforgettable, truly useful language.


Learning takes many forms, and everyone learns differently. Anna and Dan will spend time with you on your adventure to find out how you learn and guide you towards your goals with practical, tried-and-tested advice.


Sharing an adventure creates an unforgettable bond. Stay in touch with your adventurers on the Whtasapp group and share your stories online. Not a fan of social media? No problem! We like an old-fashioned postcard as much as anyone and will be encouraging you to take up this long-lost simple pleasure!

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