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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The artist Arute has been working hard coming up with a logo for us (see below for more info on Arute- who could be better to create such a work?).

We would love your input and feedback! Take a look at the images and tell us what you think.

ARUTE (Yui Iida), illustrator / Editor

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of Developmental Sciences, Department of Human Expression. Currently living and working in London.

In addition to producing digital illustrations, also produces acrylic paintings, participates in group exhibitions, holds solo-exhibitions and sells artwork globally.

With the themes of "water," "atmosphere" and "light," she creates works in which you can feel the temperature, humidity and emotions.

Exhibitions include:

Kobe Biennare, autumn 2015

Solo exhibition, Kobe, winter 2015

Group exhibition, Osaka, autumn 2020

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