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Nowt as quirky as Folkestone

Only an hour away from London by train, we couldn’t resist catching the tail end of the Folkestone triennial. We kicked off with Shezad Daewood’s ‘The Terrarium’, transporting us into an underwater dreamscape. A magical experience with helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand. Everyone we met that day was super friendly and chatty and the day went like a dream. We spent a few hours getting to know the town following a well trodden path up to the gasworks, through the town centre then along the harbour arm. A small shower encouraged us to take refuge in the Harbour Inn, where a seafood feast was devoured. A lovely stroll along the coast eventually led us to Jason Wilsher-Mills’ ‘I am Argonaut’, leaving us feeling about as discombobulated as when we started. Lewis Biggs and his team did a great job putting this little festival together, and I really can’t wait for the next one. In the meantime we’ll definitely be back, just for another chance to enjoy some of that seafood and meet some of the lovely locals that make the place such a contrast to London.

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